Learning Styles

7 September, 2021 (15:02) | Uncategorized | By: nmcaleer

After taking a few minutes to fill out a short survey, I figured out that I am an “auditory learner”. An auditory learner means that the person learns by listening and hearing the instructions.



I do agree, although I am great at learning through other ways, I usually find my self listening to oral instructions or teachings. To help myself study, I prefer writing notes on the topic and then read them over out loud, listen to someone speak about the teaching, be orally quizzed upon the lesson, or even rewrite the notes. When something that I need to mentally know well, I find that just repeating these notes by reading them or someone speaking of the topics helps to ensure that it was memorized. Maybe another time, I will try to review previously used worksheets from that class as this may be beneficial for I will be rereading them. Knowing that listening may help me learn, I will try harder to not be distracted by peers so I can focus on listening to my teacher talk. I already do practice this and I definitely notice it helps more than reading the instructions given. I also noticed that I’m great at listening to friends when they need to relieve stress.


Knowing this, I think it has helped me realize that if I focus more on listening, it will help me remember more. I am glad to now realize that I’m an auditory learner for it is most definitely true!

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