Personality Report

8 September, 2021 (15:23) | Uncategorized | By: nmcaleer

Shortly after writing the “Personality Survey”, I received my results. My so called type of personality is known as ENTJ, also the fieldmarshal. A fieldmarshal is known to be a leader, and to take responsibility and creating equality among their peers. For example, they make sure everyone has an equal part in a group project and make sure they are done before the given time. They work well with others for they are very social.



A few traits related to this personality type can include extroverted, judging, intuiting, and thinkers. Being extroverted means they’re social butterflies, enjoy being in the spotlight, they gain energy socializing and are extremely comfortable with peers. They are also impulsive people for they speak their mind freely. They use their intuition well by linking new teachings from the past ones. They are an “abstract thinker meaning it’s the ability to absorb information from their senses. Many of their decisions come from observing and judging which to others may make them seem uncaring and impartial. Although they are judging, they are very unbiased and fair when it comes to others.


Overall, ENTJ personalities seem mellow and caring of others. I believe the most important and valuable personality trait the carry is how they think, the have a non-opinionated and fair thought process.In the end, I think it’s important to understand your own personality for you can perceive yourself as others and get to understand yourself more.

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