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13 September, 2021 (14:51) | Uncategorized | By: nmcaleer

Recently, I had read the results to my “interests’ survey. It asks questions related to employment roles that may interest yourself. After I reviewed the results, I figured out I am the professional. Followed by enterprising and conventional.

Being the professional means that they always have a plan and a persuasive, ambitious, and proper role models. They have very excellent ways of socializing and work well with their peers. They like strict routines and schedules which makes their home environment well to do their work. If you are looking for the person to create a schedule you know who to call. Entrepreneur, marketing manager, and customs broker all require professionalism and have conventionalism and entrepreneur traits in the results.

I am 69% enterprising, these kind of occupations are related and involved in the world of business. They love to drive new projects. It takes leadership skills and willingness to take risks.

I am 54% conventional where these type of occupants analyze, organize, and understand data in their work bases. They create plans, routines, along with processes. These kind of occupants appreciate well organized environments.

I strongly agree with my results and I’m satisfied! I take strong will in leading my peers and do my job well. I love working in an organized environment with a strict schedule that’s well planned. I’m very hardworking and determined. I love starting new projects that I will finish when it is due and do it well. I am usually willing to taking risks when it comes to work. Overall, I am very interested in business and I believe it should be done well and fairly among others.

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