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22 September, 2021 (10:17) | Uncategorized | By: nmcaleer

Shortly, I reviewed my survey results and was quite happy and satisfied with my results. I think that in my future they would work well together! My number 1 was business, followed by mathematics, then physical education. I really love business and would love to pursue in business studies to understand how a business functions along with their financial structure. A few jobs that follow along with business is accounting, marketing, and entrepreneurship. I feel that mathematics would work well along with business for it helps solving problems and calculating numbers which could be replaced with prices. I would like to continue a healthy lifestyle and be fit, which is where physical education takes place.

My career cluster read finance. It includes most things that have to do with money, such as services for financial  and investment planning, banking, and business financial management. This field of work falls under the territory of business which includes working with a business on a small or large scale to help manage their problems and decisions which include money.

I am extremely confident with my results for I am interested in finances and business for sure. A fit and healthy life style will keep my up with my high standards and along with taking away my free time. Accountant, actuary, and bank teller are three occupations that follow along with the results of my survey. I believe they make decent amount of money, especially if you put more than minimum effort the outcome will be great for my future.

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