Who Am I? – Motivations

27 September, 2021 (15:04) | Uncategorized | By: nmcaleer

Independence, is my first motivation factor after I reviewed my results. It was followed by recognition. I believe the results sort of follow through with what I believe in myself. I am kind of shocked by them.

Overall, independence means I like to flow with my own path, not being influenced or controlled by others and attempt to make my own decisions. It mainly consists of acting upon yourself by not relying on others. Many exemplary opportunities to look forward to may include trying out new ideas in mind, making your own decisions, plan your own routine or schedule, along with minimal supervision. I follow through with these since I believe most people are not the best to rely upon or even trust in many situations. In addition, I strongly enjoy doing many things for the best of myself, to become better and a more solid being. 

Secondly comes recognition. I love the feeling of being approved or acknowledged by others for my right doings. The appreciation of my success definitely makes me feel like a narcissistic person but it’s a positive when others endorse me. Opportunities many others would look for consist of promotions and advancements, recognition over your hard work, lead or managing your peers, and getting admired by others.


Now, the idea I got from my results was that I can work hard alone and in the end get recognized for the effort I put in. It’s kind of like a 50/50, for the amount of work you decide to put in, you will receive the spotlight for your achievements or success.

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