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26 October, 2021 (14:31) | Uncategorized | By: nmcaleer

I am using a website known as pixlr to create a masked image. If you prefer to watch or listen on how to do so, I suggest you look at their tutorials on youtube by also searching pixlr on that platform. It is not a very difficult process once you understand the process.

Step 1: You start off opening “pixlr”.  You want to log in which can be done in the top right corner so it can save your photo progress, after that you then select “PIXLR E” which is the advanced photo editor. It is important to log in if you would like o save your progress, if not then it is not necessary to log in and start off in pixlr e.

Step 2: Now, to use pixlr to edit an image you must have the ones you would like to use saved. You can do this by searching an image and choosing one. Then you right click it and press “save image as”. You can do this with a few images for we are going to mask them in pixlr. It is your choice on what images you would like to select, you can also upload files and images from google drive.

Step 3: After you’ve signed in, you will see “open image” on the centre of the page. You click this and select the image you have saved. Then you must add in the image that’s going to layer your current one. You are able to do this by dragging your cursor to the add on the right hand side then press the image emoji that pops up. Then you will be able to select your layering image.

Step 4: Now comes the more tough part, we can see on the right hand side once again, are images are there. So on the image thats going to create the layer you must click the three dots beside it and if you’d like to see both images, turn down the transparency. When you turn down the transparency, the image slowly fades so you can see both images. Now we are done the masked image.

Step 5: But wait! We must save our image which can be done easily in a couple steps. On the top left corner select file, then save! Now we are completely finished.

Once you save your image, it is able to be shared on many platforms. Here are my results following these simple steps:

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