T-Shirt Design Steps – Nahanni McAleer

10 January, 2022 (14:32) | Uncategorized | By: nmcaleer

I started off by designing images layered over one another in “pixlr”. I saved images off of google and brought them over to pixlr. I then attached them in to my classroom. We went over them image and started to program the image to cut and print on the “Roland VersaCAMM SP-300i”.

Step 1: PRINTING MY T-SHRIT DESIGN – I helped to program the Roland VerseCAMM using the website adobe flash which we made cut lines on the outside of my image. There was a specific colour used on the cut line known as “Cut Contour”. We then made sure there was enough black ink since my graphic design only used shades of black. There was rules to follow so we do not harm ourselves during the printing process, such as do not open the clear cage or you can get a serious injury. We then watched the printing of the image and cutting. This process took not very long, about 5 minutes.

Step 2: PREPPING FOR THE HEAT PRESS – The following day is time to add our design on the t-shirt. It took about 24 hours for mine to completely dry and be ready to attach onto the shirt. We start by turning the heat press so it has plenty of time to heat up to applicate the design onto the shirt. Next, we must must put the design onto a sticker-like template. I grabbed the tools needed for the job, squigey, weaver, sticker, and scissors. Starting close to the corner, I used the weaver to weave the excess white on the edges that I would not like to keep on my t-shirt. You slowly must pull the white part off making sure not to lift to image itself. After that, I attached the image front onto a sticker and squigied it to it. After that, I carefully peeled the back making sure not to remove the design with it. Then, it was ready for the heat press.

Step 3: USING THE HEAT PRESS – The press is heated up to about 400 degrees celsius. You start by laying the shirt down on the press and using it to remove wrinkles and warm up your applicator space. You hold the press done for about 7 seconds and repeat until the wrinkles are removed. Next, you apply your graphic design with a stick sheet on the top. You now want to cover the image with parchment paper so it does not melt onto the iron. You hold the press down for about 14 seconds. Now, you remove the parchment and sticker. You reapply the paper over the image and use the press for about 14 seconds. You take off the parchment paper and remove your shirt from the press.

Now you finished the steps! I recommend that you let your shirt sit for about 5 minutes so the design cools down. From then on you can fold it and even wear it! When it gets dirty throw it in the wash. The press doesn’t usually enable the graphic to peel so you are in luck.

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