Who Am I? – Motivations

27 September, 2021 (15:04) | Uncategorized | By: nmcaleer

Independence, is my first motivation factor after I reviewed my results. It was followed by recognition. I believe the results sort of follow through with what I believe in myself. I am kind of shocked by them. Overall, independence means I like to flow with my own path, not being influenced or controlled by others […]

Who Am I Knowledge Survey

22 September, 2021 (10:17) | Uncategorized | By: nmcaleer

Shortly, I reviewed my survey results and was quite happy and satisfied with my results. I think that in my future they would work well together! My number 1 was business, followed by mathematics, then physical education. I really love business and would love to pursue in business studies to understand how a business functions […]

Interest Survey

13 September, 2021 (14:51) | Uncategorized | By: nmcaleer

Recently, I had read the results to my “interests’ survey. It asks questions related to employment roles that may interest yourself. After I reviewed the results, I figured out I am the professional. Followed by enterprising and conventional. Being the professional means that they always have a plan and a persuasive, ambitious, and proper role […]

Personality Report

8 September, 2021 (15:23) | Uncategorized | By: nmcaleer

Shortly after writing the “Personality Survey”, I received my results. My so called type of personality is known as ENTJ, also the fieldmarshal. A fieldmarshal is known to be a leader, and to take responsibility and creating equality among their peers. For example, they make sure everyone has an equal part in a group project […]

Learning Styles

7 September, 2021 (15:02) | Uncategorized | By: nmcaleer

After taking a few minutes to fill out a short survey, I figured out that I am an “auditory learner”. An auditory learner means that the person learns by listening and hearing the instructions.     I do agree, although I am great at learning through other ways, I usually find my self listening to […]

Hello world!

2 September, 2021 (16:29) | Uncategorized | By: nmcaleer

Welcome to iblog.stjschool.org. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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