Who am I Motivations

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My top motivational factor is support. This means I seek out tools, education, and support that will help me get my tasks done to people’s satisfaction. Support is to agree with or approve of someone, sometimes showing through approval or support through action. It also could mean giving help or assistance to someone in need of help. For someone who needs support, we mostly look for opportunities to, be treated fairly by the employers, and or the employees. You hope to have support from the managers.  You also hope to receive excellent training.

My second motivational factor is working conditions. You can look for opportunities to have lots of work to keep occupied. You can have a wide variety of tasks and opportunities. You can also work alone. Knowing my motivations can help me understand what carries I can take part in. I hope that I can get the support I want from my parents.  

Who am I-Knowledge- Nicole

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My top three subjects are L.A., Creative arts, and mathematics.  The topics for language arts are reading, writing, and communication. Creative arts topics include visual arts, music, and dramatic arts.  The topics for mathematics include calculus, geometry, algebra, and finite math. The arts provide other industries with content such as images for marketing and product promotion.  A/V technology focuses on providing audio and video services to events. Communication is focused on creating and maintaining positive relationships between clients and the public, often using media outlets.

The people of the arts would enjoy performing arts such as drama, film, and music. A/V technology career would enjoy presentations, with video cameras, operating spotlights, adjusting amplifiers, and coordinating graphics used in displays. People who are involved in communication would enjoy press releases, public events.

who am I- interest- Nicole

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When I took the survey I found out that I am a Trailblazer which means I’m never satisfied and am always willing to take a risk. I agree with the results of the survey because I am usually not always satisfied with everything and sometimes I am will to do whatever it takes to get things done. I may usually try and create some new art or project and or drawing to present. I don’t like to follow really strict rules and can usually figure a  way to do it on my own.

For my other interest traits, I got artistic and Enterprising. Artistic refers to self-expression, creativity and can usually feature work that doesn’t follow a strict set of rules. Enterprising usually involves starting and driving new projects. Enterprising occupations frequently require leadership skills and willingness to take risks. I agree about being artistic because I love to express myself through art. My creativity usually comes out when I do art

Who am I personality.

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My personality type is Mastermind, which means I’m introverted, intuiting, thinking, and judging. Some of the characteristics that were given to me are thoughtful sees patterns and big pictures. Makes connections between what they are learning and what they know. Focus on the final project. Organized and enjoys planning. It is important to be organized so you don’t lose anything and it makes it easier to find what you are looking for. I think it is not important to know your personality type because it might change                      

Who am I- learning styles

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My learning style is visual. I prefer to learn by looking, hearing, and listening to the teacher. The visual study tips that were recommended to me were. Underline or highlight the key important information. Use graphic organizers. Pause and try to create a mental image in your mind or create a drawing to represent your vision. Turn concepts into charts and diagrams.  Knowing that I’m a visual learner will help me learn and pay attention and listen while I am in class.

Hello world!

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