who am I- interest- Nicole

14 September, 2021 (15:08) | Uncategorized | By: nnaciuk

When I took the survey I found out that I am a Trailblazer which means I’m never satisfied and am always willing to take a risk. I agree with the results of the survey because I am usually not always satisfied with everything and sometimes I am will to do whatever it takes to get things done. I may usually try and create some new art or project and or drawing to present. I don’t like to follow really strict rules and can usually figure a  way to do it on my own.

For my other interest traits, I got artistic and Enterprising. Artistic refers to self-expression, creativity and can usually feature work that doesn’t follow a strict set of rules. Enterprising usually involves starting and driving new projects. Enterprising occupations frequently require leadership skills and willingness to take risks. I agree about being artistic because I love to express myself through art. My creativity usually comes out when I do art

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