Who am I-Knowledge- Nicole

22 September, 2021 (15:05) | Uncategorized | By: nnaciuk

My top three subjects are L.A., Creative arts, and mathematics.  The topics for language arts are reading, writing, and communication. Creative arts topics include visual arts, music, and dramatic arts.  The topics for mathematics include calculus, geometry, algebra, and finite math. The arts provide other industries with content such as images for marketing and product promotion.  A/V technology focuses on providing audio and video services to events. Communication is focused on creating and maintaining positive relationships between clients and the public, often using media outlets.

The people of the arts would enjoy performing arts such as drama, film, and music. A/V technology career would enjoy presentations, with video cameras, operating spotlights, adjusting amplifiers, and coordinating graphics used in displays. People who are involved in communication would enjoy press releases, public events.

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