Who am I Motivations

27 September, 2021 (10:18) | Uncategorized | By: nnaciuk

My top motivational factor is support. This means I seek out tools, education, and support that will help me get my tasks done to people’s satisfaction. Support is to agree with or approve of someone, sometimes showing through approval or support through action. It also could mean giving help or assistance to someone in need of help. For someone who needs support, we mostly look for opportunities to, be treated fairly by the employers, and or the employees. You hope to have support from the managers.  You also hope to receive excellent training.

My second motivational factor is working conditions. You can look for opportunities to have lots of work to keep occupied. You can have a wide variety of tasks and opportunities. You can also work alone. Knowing my motivations can help me understand what carries I can take part in. I hope that I can get the support I want from my parents.  

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