Twitter essay

Every day we advance further into technology and create new things, apples always making new products like the iPhone Se or the new Siri, Viv. The environment is big deal its what keeps us living with the trees making oxygen breathe without it the human race wouldn’t exist. God has a plan for everyone  that’s why he puts us on this planet to live and explore. As us humans we have positive and negative effects on the planet .


There always is not positive effects on the environment from our technology. The tweet above shows how we use the environment to our advantage by using solar power wind turbines and really they are not hurting the environment to an extent that is reasonable. Solar power is very environmentally friendly and is effective where we capture the sun’s rays of light and turn it into power. The Wind spins these windmills turning a crank which allows friction and creates power.

A negative effect on the planet and technology is that we rely on it too much, If I had a math test and I didn’t have my calculator for long division I would be lost and most likely fail that question. Today in time the world is controlled with technology by the latest inventions  we can make a phone call across the world in seconds it is impressive. But it goes to show how much the planet needs technology. I can be playing Xbox with someone from japan for all I know of. Us moral being advance every second each day learn new things, and find new ways to do things.

People now days are not really trying to be greener they are trying to make tech to slow down or eliminate the issues of global warming> people think that there are always a different way but for some stuff we should just try to be greener, just by trying to make this tech shows how much we think our technology can do for us.

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