wild horses 2.0

I and my sister beth loved to train horses in the nice grassy planes where the bees fly around and the birds chirp there is nothing I like to do more than to ride horses. Not only did we just train horses we also like to do the odd horse race along the way. We had the competition between the Donalees family it was a battle between us and them coming in 1st and 2nd all the time. It was a battle to get a better horse.

On Tuesday night, there was a new horse up for sale but it was too much I could never afford this with my allowance the horse was 6000$ and my allowance was 10$ a week for doing chores around the ward. My family also farmed 1 quarter of land so there was lots of work need there year round with spraying and seeding and harvest was the busiest time of the year. If I could just buy this horse and teach it everything I know. My birthday was just a few days away maybe ill just ask my parents for the horse, Later that day I asked and they said they would do half and I’d have to do extra chores and work day and night. To me, that was worth it.

So a few days later we went a picked up the horse for my birthday presents. I and my sister were so hype over this new hose we just bought from the neighbour, the horse used to be a racehorse so now maybe after a bit of training it will be in tip top shape  for beating the Donalees and winning races left and right. I  thought to myself this is the best day ever and no one could wreck it. So we got the horse home and I and my sister run out of the house to see what tricks this horse knew. We spent day and night training this horse even tho I owed my parents 1500 dollars cause I had saved up 1500 in allowance. So it was already half mine and it was only next week there was a race so we trained and trained for the races, and before we knew it the race was here. So I raced and got 1st place beating the Donalee sister by a mile it felt like. I couldent be any happier with the results of the race and the best birthday present ever.

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