My Learning Styles


Each individual has different styles of learning.  The three different styles are visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning.  Some might prefer one method over the others, while some prefer using all three.  Visual learners learn best when information is presented, whereas auditory learners benefit from listening.  Kinesthetic learners absorb information well through hands-on experiences.  Also known as multi-sensory learning, the approach of incorporating techniques from all three styles is one of the most effective ways to understand concepts.  



Because I have an artistic background, I am very much a visual learner.  Creating imagery in my head whilst reading allows me to remember points easily, but for this reason, I find it hard to focus on my tasks.  Having instructions laid out in front of me, rather than hearing verbalized directions, while doing work helps me keep track of what needs to be done.  When memorizing poems, I tend to visualize and/or sketch out the scene that a stanza is portraying.  In my own experience, making notes for studying takes quite a bit of time due to the method that I organize my notes.  I prefer to colour coordinate each topic so that I can recall information when I think of a certain colour.  Thinking of images that are related to text will help me recollect specific facts.  Personally speaking, being a visual learner has both its own upsides and downsides.


The data showed that auditory learning would be the second-best way for me to learn about different subjects.  Feeling like I’m on the right track is reassuring, and for this reason, I find verbal encouragement motivating.  I hum and mumble to myself at home when I am doing schoolwork because it keeps my mind occupied.  While studying, I repeat information to myself.  When I think I’ve retained that information well enough, I will then try to communicate important details to my parents as if I am doing a TED talk.  I like to listen to others talk to try to get their ideas into my head, but because I am mostly a visual learner, I tend to create images in my head and will lose focus once I do so.  In addition to this, hearing detailed instructions allows me to visualize exactly what I’m supposed to do or what I want to do, but once my mind wanders I won’t have perceived all of the information needed.


Although kinesthetic learning has the lowest percentage in my survey, there are a few traits that I resonate with.  I prefer to figure out how to do tasks on my own rather than asking for help, even though I know doing assignments without any help has disadvantages.  In my opinion, using flashcards make it easier to remember definitions.  After going through all the cards, I sort them into three different piles: concepts I know sufficiently, concepts that I know well but not enough, and concepts that I need to revise on.  I have to take frequent breaks in order to retain information.  If I try to complete a project without breaks, my mind will stay idle for a period of time and it will take longer for me to complete that task.


Learning styles and preferences differ for every individual.  Multi-sensory learning has been shown to be an effective way of understanding material better for it uses combined methods.  This implies that we all learn numerous things without deliberately trying to do so.  To elaborate on this idea, we learn best using certain learning styles, but that doesn’t mean that our subconscious doesn’t perceive information using our other senses.  Sure, we might benefit from using what works best, but we should try to incorporate different practices when learning or studying.



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