My Motivations


Motivations are different for every individual.  They are shaped by our motives.  They’re acquired through our experiences and surroundings.  Although I do understand that motivation varies from person to person, I think that we all have similar motivations in one way or another.  My main motivations are achievement and recognition.


Achievement is my primary motivation.  Personally, I enjoy it when I am granted opportunities that allow me to fully express myself to the fullest extent because I will feel accomplished once I finish those tasks or projects.  Seeing my hard work pay off keeps me going, but failure only makes me work harder.  Once I fulfill my goals, I am greeted by an overwhelming amount of joy and satisfaction.  I love the feeling of instant gratification when I am able to carry out a task that lets me use my skills and creativity with ease.


Acknowledgement for realizing my achievements is encouraging.  Being able to use my abilities to attain my objectives is rewarding.  I appreciate receiving recognition for my work.  Because of this, I have to work hard and efficiently, even if it means that I have to stay up late to finish a task.  I would like to earn the respect of my colleagues through my accomplishments.


I would like to be involved in a profession that allows me to be excellent at what I do.  I am usually an independent worker, but I don’t mind working with my peers to create astonishing work.  Once in a while, I would like to try out my own ideas.  This is because I need to let my creativity flow to develop innovations.  When I become the best that I can be, I would like to be able to influence the people around me.


I am motivated by my surroundings and how people react.  In addition to this, others’ reactions will affect how motivated I will be.  Verbal encouragement makes me think that I am doing well, and I will be inspired to keep doing my tasks.  I like to feel like I have achieved something in life, and I like being acknowledged for doing so.  Being surrounded by people that are capable of the same things that I am makes me feel like I am not alone because of the likeness.




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