Matthew 5:3 reads as follows: “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” This means that people who recognize their spiritual poverty, or their need to welcome God into their lives, will inherit the divine gift of eternal life. We need to recognize that, without God, our souls are lost. In doing so, we are able to receive graciousness through our salvation. We need to recognize that the greatest gift we can welcome into our lives is God’s love.



Like flowers, we will blossom into the greatest versions of ourselves through God. The man carrying an object above his head represents perseverance, as he is working towards what he wants. If we work towards being the best versions of ourselves, we will eventually see the fruits of our labour, or in other words, heaven. The woman walking away from a chair represents us walking away from God. Doing so will not benefit us in the long run because running away from our doubts and problems instead of trying to make amends will only pull us away from God. The person alone in the distance symbolizes the loneliness we will feel without God’s presence in our lives. The clouds in the background represent heaven. By atoning for our past mistakes and healing from them, we will eventually get to see the gates of heaven.

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