My fathers a simple man

Can life really be compared to an orange?


Life is something special. You have a 1 in 400 trillion chance of  being born. You have hair that grows. You’re self aware. You start crawling on the ground when your a little baby and in a blink you’re celebrating getting your high school diploma.  


Oranges are just oranges grows 15 years and then last a week off the tree. They cant talk. They live passively.  


Does education make someone a “scholar”?

Education doesn’t automatically make you a scholar. Some people don’t even pass high school make it far enough to


What is greatness?

Greatness is being the best version of yourself. Having the balls to and courage to look and think why your heart is beating and what your purpose is.



How old do you think the speaker is? Justify your response with reference to details in the poem.

I think that he was in his 20s cause the vocabulary he used  



For what audience do you think the poem is intended?

13-18 year olds


Do you think the poet ever expressed these thoughts and feelings to his father? Explain.



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