Who Am I? Personality

8 September, 2021 (15:15) | Uncategorized | By: rkrips

My personality is ENFP. (extraverted, intuition, feeling, perceiving)

As an extravert, I am confortable large groups and are okay to socialize with strangers. I can be impulsive and speak my mind without really thinking about consequences. Often this happens with my friends and usually I am able to pick up on it within seconds after saying it, and then apologise At this point, most of my friends know not to take it to heart, and that I’m joking.

The next one is intuition. This means I make connections with things I am learning and things I already know. I am inventive and an abstract thinker. I see patterns and see the big picture ideas. This is a great way for me to stay focused during class. In many ways I cannot explain the connections I make, its just the way my brain works. The connections, when I try and explain them, my friends have no idea what I am thinking, or how that connects at all, but for my brain it just works.

For feelings I make decisions using subjective ideas. I take into account circumstances and think about how my decisions affect other people. Also, I’m caring. As a perceiving person, I am able to just “go with the flow” and keep my options open. I am flexible and spontaneous and open to new ideas. I am not someone who likes details, plans, or lists. I would rather do whatever I want, whenever I want according to my mood.

I believe my most valuable personality trait extraverted. I am not shy, which makes it easy to form connections. I am also good at “reading” people. I get energy from being around others. I am able to vocalize my ideas without fear. However, when working in a group I may be impulsive and speak my mind without careful consideration of possible consequences.

I think it is important to understand my personality because then I can understand myself. If I make a mistake or do something I shouldn’t, I may be able to understand a little bit better what propelled me to do that. It may also help me show people I “mix” with and help me make friends.

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