Trick Shot Story

9 February, 2022 (13:55) | Uncategorized | By: rkrips

Failed Successfully 


“Thank you guys for watching. If you’re not already, subscribe. And remember, make sure to show us your oreo trick shot challenge videos!” Jordan heard Tyler Toney from Dude Perfect say on her brother, Matt’s, chromebook. “Alright! Let’s do this!” Matt exclaimed. 

Thinking about all the ruckus Jordan could hear from her brother in the kitchen downstairs, she had a crazy idea to make an even better trick shot than her brother. She watched Dude Perfect for hours inspiring herself to create the perfect one. She sat and planned the whole beautiful summer day. She finally knew exactly what she was going to do, and she knew exactly how she was going to do it. 

Through the window in the hallway, Matt saw Jordan grab a boomerang which intrigued him to take a break from his own trick shot. “What are you doing?” he called out. “Nothing,” she replied. “No seriously. What are you doing?” Matt persisted. “None of your business so shut up!” Jordan hissed. A frustrated Matt walked back into the house and went to watch Youtube. 

“Finally! Some peace and quiet,” Jordan whispered to herself. She picked up her boomerang and stood about 5 steps away from the side of the house. Her plan was to throw it off the brick wall, rickoshea and land it in the basketball hoop about 100 steps away. Impossible, she thought but she was determined. 

Jordan’s first attempt was a failure. She re-adjusted her positioning as well as the power of her throw. The second attempt was no better. Twenty, thirty, even forty attempts later and she was still no closer than before. Defeated, she was going to take a break in the house when she noticed Matt sitting on the porch. 

“Looks like you’re getting close,” said a sarcastic Matt.

“Shut up!”

“No you shut up!”

“And just how well is your project going?”

“See for yourself.” Matt pulled out his phone and showed Jordan his successful trick shot. He had lined up 4 pots and 2 pans in a specific way with the perfect angels. He dropped one orange ping pong ball onto the first pot and it bounced off it the same it did for all the others. When it hit the last pan it went straight into a red solo cup. “Okay, that was actually pretty sick,” Jordan exclaimed. 

Jordan was both amazed and aggravated by the success of her brother. How could he do it but she was not even close? Motivated by this, Jordan decided to amp up her stunt. She was going to add a balloon. She needed to make hers better than her brothers, and a boomerang popping a balloon on the wall and ricocheting off of it into a hoop would certainly do the trick!

She wasn’t sure how long she was on task, but it had started to get dark out about a half hour ago. She was forced to quit because of the darkness and the inability to see through the camera lense. 

“How’d it go?” Matt asked curiously from the couch, “I hope it was worth it ‘cus mom is mad you didn’t eat your supper.”

“What time is it”

“10:36. How’d it go?”

“It’s great. Amazing.” Matt, sensing Jordans frustration in her voice, asked her genuinely if she was okay. “Fine… Well, I was so focused on making it better than yours and now I can’t do anything. I feel like giving up,” Jordan revealed. “Get some sleep and we’ll see what we can do about it in the morning,” Matt told her. 

The morning after, Jordan was taken back when Matt asked, “do you want to make a double epic trick shot together?” Not knowing how to respond, Jordan silently drank her water. After pondering this for a few seconds, she agreed. 

Matt was someone who didn’t value planning. He was the kind of kid who would skip the instructions and get right into the trial-and-error phase of a project. Jordan being the complete opposite, spent about 25 minutes just brainstorming the trick shot. After finally agreeing on something to do after what seemed like an eternity, Matt went out to set everything up in the living room while Jordan got a pencil and paper and began to plan it out some more. 

Problems arose because of this. Jordan was mad at Matt because he was not setting the cup up right; Matt was mad at Jordan because she couldn’t find the hair dryer and for pretty much everything else too. Before the first shot was even taken, the two had already wanted to beat each other up, so they decided they would take a break. 

After three days of trying, failing, and arguing, the two finally found a way to work together. It was the weekend now, and their mom, Amanda, was home and had to threaten them with the wooden spoon a couple times, nevertheless they were getting along. Time and time again, they had some epic fails and some super close attempts. Just when Jordan and Matt felt like giving up, the trick shot worked – but not in the way they had imagined it would.

The plan was to set up a hair dryer and place a ping pong ball in the heat and make it float. From there they would take a frisbee and hit the ping pong ball and it would fly into the wall and bounce off into a cup hanging from a moving ceiling fan. The biggest challenge the siblings faced was convincing their mother to let them do this inside the house. After all, they needed the ceiling fan. 

“Are you stupid? Put it back where it was! That was not the problem!” Matt screamed.

“Me? Don’t you mean you!”

“I’m not the one who moved the cup. Put it back.”

“Make me.”

  Tension on the rise between the two, Amanda stepped in and tried to cool them down. She gave both of them a glass of water and she grabbed an old, broken fan from the basement to get air circulating. Seeing the fan made both the kids laugh; they remembered when they were young and popped the safety case off while playing an intense game of mini sticks. 

The laughing caused a chain reaction. Matt was laughing so hard his glass slipped out of his hands. He startled the cat, who had been fascinated by the floating ping pong ball, and the cat spun around and its tail nicked the ball. The ball bounced twice before it reached the broken fan. One of the blades sliced the ball cleanly in two. One half launched perfectly in the cup on the ceiling while the other half landed in the cup Matt dropped. It failed successfully.

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