My Learning Style

I am 35%Visual as stated by the survey, which I agree with because when I want to learn I like to watch the person who is teaching me do the task before I do it so then I don’t screw up the task and I enjoy doing a task safely. The survey also states that I am 34% Kinesthetic which is hands on working, I kinda feel like it should be a higher percentage because I feel like if I am just watching I don’t really receive all the information until I get to actually get hands on. The survey claimed that I am 30% Auditory, but personally I think that this percentage should be higher because people can’t really retain information without listening.

In terms of learning without the use of the survey I think that I am a very hands on learner. I enjoy working with others who are well experienced and are able to tell me how to do my job correctly and safely. I think that hands on and verbal teaching is very important as is being able to watch a person do the job. If someone misses one of these teaching materials i don’t think that the learner will understand the full concept.

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