My Personality

Everyone is different in their own way, in their looks, feelings, but most important their personality.
According to the survey I am Extraversion, Intuiting, Thinning, and Perceiving. Extraversion means that I am comfortable in large groups, I enjoy socializing, I gain energy from being around others, I enjoy the spotlight, and that I am impulsive and like to speak my mind.

Intuition means I make connections between what they are learning and what I am learning and what I already know, inventive, I see patterns and big picture ideas, and that I am an abstract thinker.

Thinker means I make decisions based on objective criteria, not influenced by personal bias, perceived as impartial, uncaring, that I am fair, and that I focus on the final product.The final personality that the blueprint told me was that I am perceiving, which means that I am open to new information, i am flexible and spontaneous, I keep options open, and that I am able to “Go with the flow”.

Personally I think that the blueprint was 95% correct because I think that the Thinker personality said that I am uncaring which I kinda disagree with. Other than the one mistake I think that is survey was right about my personality.

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