The Problem Of Evil

Peter kreeft talks about how humans have free will and sometimes we choose evil over good. But the world is not evil it is just how humans think that makes things evil. Everything that was created by God is good but because human minds have free choice we let things slip and chose wrong. If we have an all wise all loving all just all powerful all good God then why is his world so miserable and why won’t he help it. It’s because of our own bad choices and not choosing the right thing when we know what the right thing to do is. God gave us this free choice and when we choose wrong he has the choice not to help. When bad things happen to good people it’s hard for them to have hope in their faith because if they are good people, shouldn’t God be helping them. It’s hard for them to stay faithful when all they’ve been doing is good but in return bad things happen and this is a test to see how faithful they are. 

God is the source of all good and joy so when you rebel you lose this, but if you obey you will flourish in it. When we flourish it makes it easier to believe in God and accept him. The problem with evil is that sometimes bad people don’t know right from wrong if wrong is to happen in this world, then why does it happen to good people and not the ones who sin all the time. I think it’s a test of some people’s faith to see if they can get through the tough times and still be hopeful. The problem of evil is not just that bad things happen to good people but bad things are caused by bad people who have no faith in God. 

If we were to live without evil and suffering, our world would be filled with spoiled people and not good hardworking people who are hopeful and have faith, because the world is filled with people who have suffered in many ways it gives knowledge and makes us wise to not make the same mistakes and helps us pass down that knowledge to others so they don’t make the same mistakes. All things work together for good, so eventually all the suffering that people go through will probably end up for the better.

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