Who am I learning styles

My learning style is “Kinaesthetic” which means I would rather learn by touching or by doing. I am 51% a kinaesthetic which means I would rather learn this way compared to other learning strategies. Kinaesthetic learners have a preference for hands on activities.

The study tips for a learner like this is: participate in more hands on class activities, using flash cards to sort concepts is also suggested to people like me. Studying in short blocks, and giving yourself time to have a break is a key concept. A tip which may take more time but is defenitly beniffical is building a model which can represent a visual and hands on representation.I have used two of these tips before, flash cards and studying in short times. I liked flash cards because i could always go back to the ones i didn’t know and correct myself. I have not tried making a model simply because I push off studying, and making one takes up alot of time, which I find is inpractical.

By knowing my learning style it may make classes and studying for exams easier, more enjoyable and may result in a better test outcome. Even tho I am mostly a Kinaestheticc learner that doesn’t mean that I can not try other studying tips or strategies.

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