Who am I-Personality

After taking the personality test on my blueprint it is shown that I am a “ENTP” (the inventor) of the group. Each letter in ENTP stands for something-E is extraversion. This means I am comfortable in large groups and I enjoy socializing with others. Having this trait also means that we are impulsive, and speaks whatever comes to mind. Enjoying the spotlight and gaining energy from being around others is another thing that comes along with this.

The letter “N” means intuition. This means I make connections between what we are learning and what we already know. Seeing patterns, big overall pictures and being an abstract thinker can also be described as an intuitional person.

Making decisions based on criteria, not being influenced by personal beliefs and being fair is what describes a thinking personality. Thinking is represented by the letter T. By thinking we focus on the final product of projects or other materials. We are also perceived as impractical or uncaring.

The final letter in this is P. Perceiving- which is represented as the letter P means we are open to new information and are flexible or spontaneous with new ideas. “going with the flow” comes easily to us because we keep our options open and are not fixed to a strict schedule.

I think my most valued personality trait is extraversion since i am very social and love being with my friends, or other people. I have always been very chatty and I already had a guess it would turn up on this personality test.

I think one of the most valuable trait is for others is to be perceiving. i think this because it allows you to be open minded and let other people be able to say their ideas. Having this can connect you with people easier without the need for being “social.”

I think it is important to know your personality type so it can help you make friends easier. You don’t have as much conflicts with others if you disagree since you are two totally opposite people.

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