Who am I-Interests

Using the website My Blueprint I have found out that I am a “the Builder” (RC).  Being a builder means that I am physically active with an hands on learnng style. being straightforward in situations and being practical an describe this trait. the builders like to work indiviudally, since they like to get things done efficently and fast.

the interest traits I got on this test was 73% realistic, and 65% conventitional. A realistic person has occupations thats incolve touching and hands on activities. They focus on the living things like plants,animals, or working outdoors. Conventional occupations focus on tools and extra information to analyze and completetly understand information. Having a routine or a set plan is perefered, making them well organized.

I agree with one of my interest traits, and disagree with the other. “Realistic” is the trait i can picture myself being, since I am often active and don’t enjoy sitting around. On my learning types quiz I got a “hands on learner” and this is one of the traits oof the realistic person. I don’t think I am conventional because I don’t like a fixed schedual,and I am not an organized person.

One job that I think I would enjoy is a dental assistant, I thought about this job along time ago because I was so impressed with how much things a dentist can accomplish in a tiny area. As a kid I was always so excited to go, and get my teeth cleaned and see the people working there.I took the test for a dental assistant and got an 84% for the results.

The second job quiz I took was professional athlete, not only because it sounds like fun but because I am active and play multiple sports. Going to practices on weeknights to playing full in glory games on the weekend sounds like such an intersting job,and it keeps you healthy and moving. On the test I scored a high number of 94%.

The final job quiz I took was for the trucker job. I thought tis could be okay because I enjoy driving, but on second thought sitting in a semi all day hauling things on a trailer sounds boring. I think a differenrt career would be better for me, I got an 80% on this quiz.

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