Who Am I- Knowledge

Taking the test about knowledge it showed that I have physical education as my first with a 94%, buisness in second at 78% and my last one is creative arts with a 72%. I think this is fairly accurate because I enjoy doing physical activites such as running, hockey, softball and much more.  For me the one class I look forward to is gym, even if its the same game we played yesterday.


The careers in my career cluster is marketing, sales and service. These jobs include action in planning, promoting and selling. One of the jobs suggested is a real estate agent, and i think it’s a job I would enjoy. I am also social and find it easy to talk to others that I dont know well, which would make communicating easy with clients.


Another job suggested is an advetising manager. This job creates interest for potential buyers of a product for a buisness. They work in agencies that put together campaigns for clients, and work with, others sales staff to generate ideas for promoting it. As a person who finds it hard to sit still for along time I don’t think this job is completely prfect because it seems to have alot of meetings and sitting in a desk.


I think both jobs would suit me and I would succeed in either of them. Both jobs have a benefit and a negitive in my ind, therefore I think I would like the real estate agent job better. I think this because I am communicating with others, dont have a complete offie job 24/7 but still will have flexible hours.

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