Who Am I- Motivation

After doing the motivation test, what motivates me has been revealed. My top motivation factor that I scored was recognition. Then following that was relationships. Some additional factors that showed up on my results dashboard are achievement and independence.

Since my top factor is recognition it means that I value respect, admiration and approval of my peers. Whatever I choose to accomplish I want opportunities to come along with it that can lead to promotions and leading others. Acknowledgement of achievement and service is often in the form of some spoken appreciation. Finding opportunities to allow me to demonstrate excellence and allow me to advance to higher levels. I should look for opportunities where promotions are shown, I receive recognition for the work I accomplish, having the opportunity to lead, manage and direct, The final one is to be admired by others.

Relationships show an emotional connection between people. This shows that I like to form relationships that have mutual respect, trust, honesty and common interests.Being partners that support each other is highly valued in my eyes, and is key to success when working with many individuals. Things to look for are friendly co-workers, use the opportunity given to help others and freely live by my beliefs.

Both achievement and independence were my additional factors. Achievement means I want the chance to put my skills to the test, and to feel like I’ve accomplished something. Independence means that when given a task with a deadline I like to work on my own schedule.  I need the chance to try out my own ideas and won’t turn away from taking responsibility.

After taking the test and reviewing my scores I believe that three out of the four of my motivation factors suit me. i think recognition is like me since I value being respected by my older supervisors, and I like to be given more advanced tasks like a promotion. Relationships are a crucial part of my life, for sports my hockey team becomes my family, and I feel like a work environment where she has close co-workers to make things more enjoyable. The last one I like is achievements because I like putting my skills to the test and accomplishing large tasks that I didn’t think I could at the beginning.

By using these motivations I think I can achieve all the goals I put my mind to and even more. This can help me strive to be great and powerful in a work environment and help me lifelong in experiences.


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