Time Travel

Time travel is something that lets you travel back in time to different eras of the world. The movie “Back to the future” used the concept of time travel. If Time travel was ever to become a thing I would like to visit places in which I learned about or I was wondering about what it was like in that era. Time travel could be done using different things such as a car which is an example.

If time travel was possible the first place I would go is back to the Northlands Coliseum in the 80s when Gretzky played. I would want to go back to that time because in every picture and when they would record the games the rink looks different, it looks darker in the rink so I would want to go and see if it was the same as the Northlands Coliseum is now. It was recently Rexall where the Oilers played then they moved to Rogers then after they moved they ended up calling it Northlands Coliesuem again. Also, I would want to go see Gretzky play hockey if time travel became a thing.

The second place I would go if time travel was ever invented is I would go to the late 1800s when Canada became a country because I would want to see what it was and what it looked like back then. There has been a lot of history back when Canada was trying to become independent. Also if you went back in time to see what Canada was like in say 1867 when Canada because a country you would John A Mcdonald well if that’s where you time-traveled to.

If time travel became a thing the third place I would go is to the renaissance. I would like to see what it would be like and look like. I would want to see the differences fro Italy now then from Italy then. Going to the REnnaisannce would also be cool because there were so many famous people from that time like Leanardo Da Vinci and more. There were also some cool paintings and buildings because the renaissance was like the era of art. When I was in grade 8 we learned about the famous people and what the renaissance was. Also, I would like to see the time of exploration such as explorers that found North America or Canada.

So if time travel was a thing those are the three places and time eras I would go back to visit. They were going to the Northlands Coliseum, bak to when Canada became a country, and the renaissance period to see the famous people or artists.


If time travel was a thing lots of people would be using it. Lots of people would be going to tropical places or sporting events or other things that in just the snap of the figure you would be there. It probably would be expensive to get teleportation but it would cut the costs down. I am going to list 3 things that I would use teleportation for me and my family.

If teleportation would ever become a thing I would teleport to the Oilers game at Rogers Place. I would teleport to the seats behind the Oilers bench or behind the goal net. I would like to see the whole building at Rogers place and I would like to see The Oiler’s dressing room. Then I would teleport to the area where they come out of the dressing room to give them fist bumps before they go on the ice. It cost a lot of money to do all of these things. You wouldn’t have to worry about the drive up to Rogers or the parking there. I have already been to Rogers but going back there more would be cooler. Also, I would like to go to The Vegas Golden Knights rink, T-Mobile Arena and look and visit the arena because I have never been there before and it looks like a cool hockey rink.

If teleportation ever became a thing the second thing I would do is teleport to a nice destination for a vacation. The destination would probably be Maui, Hawaii. In Hawaii you can do loads of things like snorkeling, swimming, going to an aquarium, or going for a drive around the island and seeing the volcanoes and beaches. You could also go zip lining in Maui and that could mean just teleporting up there and go zip lining in the mountains they have there. You really could just have a nice relaxing day by the pool or beach. Then you could teleport to a nice supper with your family. Also, a palace you and your family can go is to Mexico to a resort and get everything in one place like food, entertainment, pools and, the beach.

If teleportation was a thing the third place I would teleport to would be Jasper or Banff to the mountains. I could teleport to like ski resorts and going skiing or snowboarding all day in the mountains or if it was summer when I went I would go paddleboarding or kayaking on the clear likes they have there. Hiking would also be fun but like if you and your friend go to the mountain it would be the fastest one to the top and probably you guys would just teleport there but hiking again would be fun. The mountains just overall would be a fun trip because the view would be great to look at and there’s a bunch of things to do and you could do a lot of those things in little time because getting everywhere would be super easy and fast.

So if teleportation was every a thing or was ever invented it could be used for lots of things like faster travels although it would be expensive to buy it, it would definitely be faster to travel to a bunch of places like to go to Mexico or Hawaii would cut down a bunch time and you would have more time to have fun on your trip.

Three Songs

Songs that you like so much and don’t mind listening to them over and over again are songs that have some type of special maybe chors that you like listening to. A favorite song should make you want to listen to it because it makes you think back to a good time that the song reminds you of.

The first Song is called Move by Luke Bryan and it was released in 2015 and the album was called Kill the lights. the genre of the song is Country. I like this song because it has a good beat to it and the song flows really well. Also its that type of country song that songs like country but have beats like pop and its just a good song overall. My favorite verse from the song is “Your mama packed y’all up and moved you to the south packed a U-Haul cross a one-tree yard to a tin roof shotgun house you didn’t know nobody, didn’t talk too much
had a rocking little body with a Yankee strut a little shy side, a little wild side
with your long blonde hair, all pulled up then you got in with some southern belles cut your jeans off with a rebel yell learned the talk of the Bible belt now, girl, I melt when you. M-O-V-E, I love it yeah, I love it when you get that deed. That’s why I like to listen to this song.

The second song that I chose was called Sunrise, Sunburn, Sunset by Luke Bryan and this song was released in 2017 a part of his What makes your country album. This song is a country song and was nominated for the CMT music award for male video of the year. This song just sounds fun and when you listen to it all you think about is summer and just waking up to go to the lake fishing or do water sports. It also reminds you of when you are camping and having a fire and making a hot dog or cooking a nice juicy more. My favorite part or Lyric of the song is “Sunrise, sunburn, sunset, repeat” because it’s saying during summer you get up to go to the beach and maybe get a tan or a sunburn then sunset like having smores or a wiener roast and then repat you can go to the lake again or even go golfing it just is a nice song that I like listening to because it reminds me of Summer.

The third song is Thunderstruck by AC DC and it was released in 1990. It is a rock song and heavy metal. I like this song cause its a good warm-up or pump up song to get you ready to do something like Hockey. It is also a popular song and the same is the band AC DC. They have written and made a lot more great rock songs but Thunderstruck is one of my favorites or is my favorite song of theirs. My favorite verse from this song is Thunder, thunder, thunder, thunder I was caught in the middle of a railroad track I looked round And I knew there was no turning back My mind raced And I thought what could I do And I knew There was no help, no help from you Sound of the drums Beating in my heart The thunder of guns Tore me apart You’ve been Thunderstruck. This verse is good because it also has good flow and some good beats.

That’s three songs that don’t really get old and they don’t get old because they have some type of lyric or verse that makes you want to listen to it again and that could include maybe some history back to a time or present like the song Sunrise, Sunburn, Sunset it makes me feel like its summer and I get to go to the lake and sit by the campfire.

Poems for E.L.A

I made a visual of my 3 favorite poems we did and they were Mountains, The Road Not  Taken, and Stopping by Woods on a snowy evening.  They quote I picked for Mountains which was by Rukiye Henderson and the quote I picked was “Covered in a blanket of silvery mist/ You feel as though kissed” which was talking about the snow on the mountain. The next quote I picked for The Road Not Taken was “Two roads diverged in a yellow mood/ And sorry I could not travel both” and it was talking about them not being able to travel both roads. Then the last quote was from Stopping by Woods on a snowy evening and it was “Whose woods these are I think I know/ His house is in the village though” and the poet was writing that the man who the woods belong to lived in a village, not the woods. The pictures I used in my canva picture were not the ones that were the actual pictures that went with the poem but they were what the poem was talking about.