Road Trip

Have you ever been on long road trips with your Family? As you would know lots of people like doing road trips with their Family but some just wanna stay at home and watch movies or play Xbox. Some days I like going on road trips but some days I just like to stay at home and sleep or do things that I got to get done around the house. Road trips are good because they are time being spent with your family but the thing with road trips that some kids don’t like is the distance driving in the car to get to the destination. I went on a family road trip to Kelowna and it was long and far but it was worth the drive so I’m gonna tell you some of the things that my family and I did there.

The drive down to Kelowna B.C was very long it is about 11 hours and 29 minutes. We traveled from vermilion to Edmonton first then down from Edmonton to Calgary. From Calgary, we went through Banff then Revelstoke. The drive through the mountains was very fun and amusing. Getting to Kelowna felt like forever because when we were going through the mountains it was just turn after turn and it felt never-ending but then soon enough we got there and it was nice. we went and drove to a Walmart or something like that to get some food. We also drove to see the Kelowna rink because the whole purpose of going was to a goalie camp.

The first part of our trip was we went to the lake because we had some time before the camp started. I think my family went up a day earlier so we could go to the Okanagan Lake to swim in it because it was supposed to be clean because it is mountain water. It was clean but it wasn’t clear blue like the lakes in the mountain where it was like a normal lake but also more clearer than a normal lake. So what I mean is that the lake was clear where you could see your feet in the sand a little ways out but if you looked at the water it wasn’t blue and you could see the bottom at the deepest parts but the lake was clean. So we had spent time there and then went back to the condo to check out anything they had there.

The next morning was the start of goalie camp. The goalie camp I went to started on Monday and went to Friday I think. I know it was a week-long camp which was loads of fun. Every morning I would have to wake up at around 6 or 6:30 to get ready for camp which our first skate was at 8 am but I like to allow myself 1 hour to get ready. My Dad would always take me and my Mom and Sister would sleep in. Then there would be like classroom, dryland, lunch, another skate, and a couple more stuff that we would do. So every day for a week we would do this. The group I was with went to the H2O Adventures + Fitness center by the rink which also had a lazy river in it and it was tons of fun. After the goalie camp was done it was Friday so we were going to stay till Saturday and do something as a family and ended up deciding on going to the swimming pool by the rink. It was lots of fun the trip then early Saturday morning we packed up all of our stuff packed it in the truck and headed home.

The family road trip to Kelowna was lots of fun the drive down and back to Vermilion was really long and tiring so the next couple days were sleeping and getting some rest. MY thoughts on this trip were that it was lots of because not only did my family and I hang out we also got to check out many places and things. I even meet some new friends. I still talk to two of them today one of them was from Kelowna and the other one was from Calgary. So car rides with the family can be long because of the distance to the destination but it can also be a fun bonding expensive and that trip turned out to be really fun.

The Hero Journey

The Heros Journey is a formula that is used in a bunch of movies and books. It doesn’t matter what genre the movie or book is. This formula studied was popularized by a man named Joesph Campbell. In 1949 Joseph wrote a book called A Hero with Thousand Faces and it had the basic patterns now used in The Heros Journey formula. The movie that I am going to talk about is Spider-Man. It follows this formula because his life had changed when the spider bit him.

There are 12 steps to The Heros Journey and they are 1. Ordinary World is the hero before anything has happened or before the adventure. 2. Call to the adventure, 3. Refusal of the call which is when they come and ask you to go somewhere or on an adventure and the person denies the call that what that is. 4. Metting the mentor and 5. Crossing the threshold. 6. Tests, Allies, and Enemies and this part show the test the character has to do with his enemies and how his allies help him. 7. Tests, Allies, and Enemies. 8. The Ordeal is the dangerous physical test or the inner crisis that the hero must face. 9. Reward and the reward is what happens when they beat the ordeal. 10. The road back. 11. The resurrection which is the final battle. 12. Returns home.

In spiderman, the Ordinary World is Peter Parker is a kid that would take pictures and one day he was taking pictures at the animal exhibit when a spider had gotten out and bitten him. After that, he had gone home and was a little bit sick and then the next day he had his powers and was trying then out after school and was the Called to the Adventure with his powers so he thought with those powers he could help the city. The Crossing the threshold in this story is spider man taking on the green goblin and that is his quest is to save the city from him. His Test is taking on the green goblin who has a bunch of gadgets or perks to make him hard to beat, Spidermen didn’t have any allies as he works alone. His enemy in the first movie is the green goblin.

The next formula part is the Approach to the inmost cave and that’s saying when this is and this is happing in New York where there is lots of crime and saying lots of crime he started fighting bad guys because his Uncle Ben was shot. The Ordeal in this movie was the green goblin shot at a tall building with a bunch of people on there and stuff was falling on to the streets with people there so Spiderman had to save all those people there which he did. The reward for spiderman saving everyone was everyone knew and liked him now but he always left he never stayed after the scene of the crime he stopped. The road home in this movie was him just going back to his house cause he knew the green goblin would be back. The resurrection in this movie was the green goblin vs spiderman and the outcome was a big fight because then he knew that spiderman was Peter Parker because the green goblins son was best friends with Peter. After they were done fight the green goblin shot his flyer at spider man which he dodged it and then it penetrated the green goblin. and the green goblin was dead. Spiderman brought him back to his house. The return to the ordinary world part of the movie is spiderman had just beat his first enemy and now was a changed man because the city loved him and needed him.

So The Heros Journey formula is used in movies and books in all genres. Spiderman is used throughout the whole movie which makes the movie really good. There are 12 steps to making a movie or book with this formula and if you make and use the twelve steps perfectly you have a good movie or book. There have been many movies and books using this formula and its easy to make your own story or movie with this. The twelve steps are 1.Ordinary World, 2. Call to the adventure, 3. Refusal of the call, 4. Metting the mentor, 5. Crossing the threshold, 6. Tests, Allies, and Enemies, 7. Tests, Allies, and Enemies, 8. The ordeal, 9. Reward, 10. The road back, 11. The resurrection, 12. Returns home. That’s why spider man follows the Heros Journey Formula.

Rosiness or Gloomy Gray: On Viewing the World

Rosiness or Gloomy Gray: On Viewing the World was in our I blog and there were 9 sentences or like paragraphs. The assignment was to pick one of those 9 and write a post on our blog. I decided to write about number 6 about how there is sometimes no and a yes people in the world.

A “no” person is a person who thinks of the impossible and thinks why things might not work out. A “yes” person is someone who likes to look on the Brightside of things and thinks things are possible. The yes people are also the people that expect things to work out or are positive on things. An example of a no person is if they are losing in let’s say and sports game they well say that they aren’t gonna win or they don’t think on the Brightside that they are going to win.  While a yes person will think on the Brightside and try to come back from losing that game because they believe nothing is impossible. THe will expect to go into that game at the start and expect the outcome to be positive and if they do lose by not much at least they try and believed they could win.

An example of a person that is a yes person is Conner McDavid. The reason I think he is a yes person is that he always shows on and off the ice that he believes. When they are down in the game he is throwing his stick taking bad penalties he is trying to get back on top of the game and get his team back in it. Leon Draisaitl who is on the same team also as Mcdavid doesn’t give up ethier he works hard to get those goals and get back on top and that’s why he and Mcdavid are top of the league in points. An example of a person who is a no person is a tennis player. I don’t exactly know his name but I saw him on the tv one time and e was losing and would smack his stick on the ground and hit the tennis ball all over the place because he was losing.

One day I was playing Nhl 20 with my friend and I was having fun and in the game I was down 7 to 1 I think and it was first to 9 but I never gave up that just gave me some more energy and juice to keep playing hard and I did I believed I could still win and I did I made the comeback and won the game. So what happened is I thought that this come back was possible and it was. An example of the no person was my team one of the games this year is we seen the stats of this good team and thought no one beat them yet this is going to be bad and that wasn’t the right kind of attitude because then the second time we were playing we came out hard and we played hard and we had that positive win attitude and the score was 5 to 1 but lose 5 to 1 to a team that averages 9 goals a game we weren’t mad because we believed it was possible to beat them which it is possible but we tried hard in that game.

So those are just some of the many examples of a yes and no person and what they are. Also being a yes person in a sporting game will be easier to win because you got that winning attitude that you are going to do good like some of the examples that I provided and yes everyone once in a while will have a no attitude in some type of thing you do but having a yes attitude is different cause of the way you will feel after some type of thing you do.


Dream House

Every person dreams of having a huge mansion with a pool a gym and many more things to make it the best house ever. Your house could be located anywhere like Hawaii, Fiji and more its where you love to stay and wake up every morning and get the day started. I’m about to say what my dream house is.

My dream house I want to have will be in either Hawaii, California in the countryside, or by the mountains in Canada. I want my dream house though to have good security but also look nice. I want the color to be modern colors and a modern house with a little bit of brighter colors to pop things out. In my dream house, and I also want some secret doors and tunnels to get around the house.

The special accessors of the house that I want or the rooms that I want is a gaming room so I can play the video games that I like to play like Nhl 20. Then I would want a indoor Hockey rink so I can have fun and also train and practice in there. I would install an elevator to go to every room in the house so it makes it faster and easier to get around and of course I will have stairs in there too. Then I would build a movie room for movie nights or just to watch tv, and a gym and field to do more sports and other things like a ball hockey game if my friends came over.  I know everybody dreams of having a swimming pool in there house and that’s exactly what I would want. I would like to have those big wave effects in the swimming pool, so a wave pool with a big cool water slide.

The interior and outside of my house would be very nice. When you first go up my driveway which would be long and have good security so no one would try to break in it would come up to a big fountain and then my house. The outside would also have a pool and a golfing driving range for me to practice my shots. Then I would have some woods in the back of my yard to make walking trails and quad and dirtbike trails to have fun and drive around the house. When you go to my front doors you will also have to unlock the security which is hard cause you would need the password but then you would walk into the big door and there is the entrance room. The interior of the house would be fancy and nice but also everything I want in there like a bit of a log cabin and a modern house. That’s what the interior and outside of my dream house would be.

So a dream house to make wold be expensive no dought but a lot of fun to live in. Imagine this you waking up to see the beautiful sea or the great big mountains and you have an idea to go swimming or go workout or finally go play some hockey you can do all of that because its all in or outside of your house. Have a dream house will give you all of those opportunities that you’ve dreamed of your whole life to have. LIke everykid though has dreamed of having a pool in there house and going swimming or if you like hockey having a rink in your house would be even cooler. That is what my dream house would be like.

How I Became Rich: Identify a Good Read

In the top 25 most popular long reads I read one called “How I Became “Rich” and the story was about a girl and her boyfriend the girls name is Stacy Torres and her and her boyfriend went on there second trip to Hawaii. Stacy didn’t think of them as rich because of where she grew up but people would often comment on being rich like their cab driver. They had the same cab driver their first time going to Hawaii. So she was confronted with her status being better than where she came from.

One main point of this good read is that she wouldn’t classify her and her boyfriend as rich but some people would see them as rich and comment on that like how they went to Hawaii 2 times and the person who really commented on that was their cab driver who they got their first trip to Hawaii as well. A demonstration of this is when they were leaving the taxi or cab the driver said see you next year kinda presenting that he thought they were rich.

Another main point of the story is that her Dad when the taxi cab driver said “this is where the rich people live like you” she said her Dad would of went and said, “yes like us”. She makes it out that her Dad feels proud when people say that he is rich and that when she brings back souvenirs he wants her to keep the bag so people know she went to Hawaii and actually got those from Hawaii.

Another main point of the story is she tells where she was from and a bit about her childhood and why she doesn’t feel rich and why she doesn’t say she’s rich when people comment on that. She said she was born in New York. Also, Stacy Torres was explaining in detail what it was like being in Hawaii and was saying that in New York she would walk fast but here she just wanted to take it in and take her time and enjoy being there.

So “How I became Rich” was the story that I did and how the title “how I became rich” relates to the story is Stacy Torres never thought of her self as rich so when the cab driver said “This is the part of town where the rich people live like you” that’s where the title “How I became rich is because the cab driver commented on that. In the three-body paragraphs I wrote about in the first one was how she would classify her self as rich. Then in the second paragraph, I wrote about how when the cab driver said that’s where the rich people like you live I wrote about the girl saying that it feels go to her Dad when people call him rich and that he would of said “Yes rich like me” that’s what her Dad would have said to the cab drivers comment. In the third paragraph I wrote about where she came from and what she felt like being in Hawaii like how in New York she would walk fairly fast around the city in Hawaii she would take her time and just let things soak in.

The car of my dreams

The car of your dreams is a vehicle you dream about having, the vehicle you want to have when you turn 16 and get your license. My dream car is a Buggati Veyron Super Sport. It is an expensive car and that’s why I dream of owning it.

My dream car is a Buggati Veyron Super Sport. It is a really fast sports car. The color of my dream car is black on the top below the door or just a little bit over the door is orange. This car costs 1.7 million to 3 million to buy this car. At the end of this essay, I will put in a picture of this car. This car doesn’t really look like a regular car more like something out of like a racing movie. It has a spoiler that comes out of the back when you hit 100 km/h or even higher. A spoiler is a part of the car that keeps that car from not flipping because of the high speeds at which it’s going.

The interior of the Buggati Veyron Super Sport can be really any color you choose you just have to get is customized. The color of the interior I want is brown seats and flooring and roofing but have the dashboard and steering wheel blackish greyish. I will put in a picture of what this will look like. For the special features of the dream car I want is I want a cooler to store like water or pop in there for long road trips. Also for long road trips, I want to have a massager in the seat so it gives me messages when I am driving. I would also like tinted windows and underglows which is like when I am driving at night its led lights under the running board. That’s what the interior and accessories are in my dream car.

The engine in the Buggati Veyron Super Sport would be really big and go really fast. The speed would be 268 mp/h and that is reasonable because that’s the high speed of this sports car. It is the 6th fastest car in the world now that’s probably why it’s so expensive. I would drive that car everywhere except on gravel roads cause that would wreck the car and scratch it up. In the back, this car would only be a two-seater so the back would hold the big engine and it would have a door flap to open

So the car of your dream should be special because that’s the vehicle you looked up to maybe in a book on tv but you looked at it and said that it would be really cool to own that and drive it to your friends house or to school. My dream car is the Buggati Veyron Super Sport and I dream of having it customized with all those special features like the cooler and massage.