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In the Blog post of My Father is a Simple Man, several questions were asked. I will be answering them in this post.

The first question is can life really be compared to an orange? The way it is life is compared to an orange is that life is perpetual and that we will return. Depending on what one thinks about the “afterlife” whether it be that we go to heaven, or that we are reborn as something else. Depending on one’s views life can, or cannot, be compared to an orange

The next question is does education make someone a “Scholar? The exact definition of a scholar is “A specialist in a particular branch of study, especially the humanities; a distinguished academic.” To simply be educated doesn’t make someone a scholar. A scholar needs to be further educated past a high school level.

The following question I’m going to answer is how old do you think the speaker is? Justify your response with reference to details in the poem. I think the speaker is in third or fourth grade because of the following quote. “He walks slower then I do so I must slow up.” This quote shows that the speaker can’t go ahead of his father. Although later the speakers say “We argue about the price of pomegranates.  I convince him it is the fruit of scholars. ” Someone older might argue about the price of pomegranates, suggesting the author is in their late twenties.

Of course what you answered may be different than my answer, whether it is better or worse. THiese questions can have many different answered from different opinions and understandings of the poem.

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