The Problem of Evil

Only two objections to the existence of God exists. The first is the natural sciences’ ability to explain everything excluding God and the problem of evil in our world. More people have abandoned their faith because of this evil than for any other reason. In other words, if God is so good, why is his world so bad? If this is the primary objection to the existence of God then there must be solutions to this problem of evil. Peter Kreeft comes up with four solutions to this problem.

The first solution to the problem of evil is that evil is not an entity. All things God creates are good, therefore a storm cannot be evil. If God is the creator of all things and evil is a thing then God is the creator of evil and he is to blame for existence. Instead, evil is the wrong choice or the damage done by that wrong choice.

Second, Kreeft argues that the origin of evil is not the creator himself but the creatures freely choosing selfishness. We were given free choice so we choose to sin, but God gave us the free will to choose sin. The cause of suffering is sin, but suffering is necessary for development. without suffering, society would never progress. Our own free will allows us to sin and create evil in this world.

The third part of the solution is arguably the most important part, how to resolve the problem in practice, not just in theory. While evil is a problem in thought is is an even bigger problem in life. The solution to that physical evil is the son. The solution to the problem of evil is Jesus Christ. God sent his son to die for us to defeat the power of evil in human nature. God came down to clean up our worst garbage. So how do we let God off the hook for allowing evil? God isn’t off the hook, rather God is the hook.

Finally, it is not logically contractual to say that God tolerates so much evil when he could eradicate it? Why do bad things happen to good people? First, not all suffering is bad. without suffering life would only produce spoiled brats and tyrants. Suffering is what makes us wise, its what allows us to develop as people.

The problem of evil is one of the best arguments against God, but solutions exist to this seemingly unsolvable problem. We know that evil is not something physical and we know that evil isn’t created by God. So the argument of evil falls apart when you begin to think of possible solutions.

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