My Learning Styles

I have many different learning styles to help me to learn what I need to know. I like to learn using a hands on technique, and listen to instructions much rather than seeing things. All the techniques help me to become a better learner, while some styles work and help more than others. 

Working hands on is the best way for me to learn and study. I love to have my own time to do things and time to do things with a partner during class. After school I either like to go somewhere quiet to go over notes or study with my friends. Studying with another person helps me a lot because they can remind me of things I didn’t remember or quiz me. I find that when I work hands on I can focus more on what I’m doing, and find my mistakes easier. When it comes to school work I love to do hands on. 

I also like to learn by listening to someone speak.  Listening helps me to understand easier, to take notes and listen carefully to the details.  Sometimes listening to someone speak can not help me learn as well because of their tone of voice, or their teaching style.  When it comes to listening when I’m already doing hands on work it’s sometimes hard for me to put my pencil down and focus on the lesson.

Visual learning is the toughest for me because I like to have something already written infront of me and not have to copy the notes. It’s hard for me to watch a teacher talk or show something on the board because I tend to get distracted. I would much rather do other methods of learning than visual.

As you can see I have a favourite work method and a least favourite work method. Everyone learns differently and needs different tools and techniques to learn the material and understand it clearly.

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