My Personality

My personality type is a Counselor. I like to help other people and like to know what’s going on in their day. I like to make them feel like they matter and treat them how everyone should be treated.

I like to be in small groups with people I know other than in a big crowd or group. I strongly dislike being in the spotlight and being picked to read or answer questions.  I don’t like being the center of attention, like most people. I find myself a bit shy when it comes to new people or big groups.

When I’m learning I try to think back to stuff I already know. I always go through questions to see if I can answer any, to make my work easier. I can look through recent notes and always try to get information in any way I need.

When I make decisions I take other people into consideration. I’m very thoughtful and am seen helping, and caring for others. In my life I like to follow a schedule and be on time for things. Running on a schedule helps me to plan my day and be prepared. I’m able to get along with many people and agree to make things easier.

I find my personality is nice and many people tell me so many positive things about me. I hear lots that I’m a good listener, thoughtful, and able to do so many great things for people.



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