My Interests


I’m a mentor. I support others all the time because I feel the need to help them if they need it. I am great at encouraging others and giving them positive vibes. The survey results at the end were very reasonable. 

My interests include assisting, helping, and serving other people. I like helping others because I’ve had many people help me in my life and it feels great to have someone care, and look after you. I like helping people with needs and people who may not have the right health to be alone. I love to help others! 

Another interest of mine is being outdoors playing with the animals or going for walks to see the wonderful, and beautiful trees and insects. Helping my dad outdoors either fixing something or helping him do things he can is so much fun. I love spending quality time with my dad because with his job he works lots so I don’t see him much. 

Lastly an interest of mine is playing sports. I love basketball, and soccer the most but I also enjoy playing volleyball, and basically any sport. To make it more fun I love playing with friends and classmates. Gym class is an interest to me too because I enjoy being active and playing games like speedball, soccer, and dodgeball with all my classmates. 

Going to the lake is something that interests me the most. I love everything about camping including sitting on the beach, tubing, kneeboarding, wakeboarding and waterskiing. When we go to the lake it makes me happy to walk around and look at all the cool, and interesting bugs and trees. One of my favourite parts is when we have campfires because it’s a time to relax and talk about life. 


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