After taking the survey I realized that I like to have support in a workplace, and by the society I love when others are able to have my ideas supported. I like to be included in conversations, and knowing that my ideas are supported make me motivated to do more work, and be more confident in my ideas. When others are struggling in their work I am happy to help give advice and assistance so they can understand what to do, or the concept of something. 

Being supported by employees and people makes me feel like I actually am part of what I’m doing. Having the support of others also makes me feel like what I do is paying off and people are actually appreciating what I do. If I’m doing something wrong, people who can correct you in pleasant ways are the kind of person I want to be around. When it comes to working, I want to work in a safe, fun, supportive environment with fun, and non-judgemental people. 

I want to impact people in the sort of way that makes them proud to be who they are. I want that impact to last for a long time. The people that I impact, I would like them to spread that support, happiness or whatever it is that made a difference. When I get a motivation or something nice said about me I go out and spread that happiness. In life I want to have people who look up to me and are inspired by what I do. 

Being in a working environment that lets me work on a schedule and at my own pace is something that helps me do things better. Having a strict schedule is something I don’t enjoy. I like to have a schedule but be able to work around it if I need to. Working at my own pace does not mean having twenty days to work on something. I just mean I like to have a decent amount of time so i’m not rushed. I work a bit slower at things so having a deadline the same day we receive something is not my cup of tea. 

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