My Ideal Concert

My Ideal Concert

I would want my ideal concert to take place in Santorni, Greece on a nice greek house balcony at sunset. We could watch the sunset while I get the chance to meet new people and get to know them. My dream concert would include Morgan Wallen performing and singing. I enjoy Morgan Wallens music and I really want to chance to meet him.

I would want to go with all my close friends and would make a great trip. It would be a great to make life long memories with them. We would all be able to get a chance to talk to Morgan Wallen face to face. While he is singing his last song there will be fireworks that go off in the nice dark sky.

The concert wont have a ordinary concession there will be a stand where you can help yourself to what ever you like. The stand will include many dessert like cheesecake, mini donuts, and even include a chocolate fountain with a variety or things to dip. Make your own nachos will be another thing that you can do. A variety of toppings will be availiable like cheese, ongnions, lettuce, peppers, and tomatos.

Lastly, I want the concert to just be a good experience, a time to make memories and most of all just to forget about everything going on in my life for a bit. This would be my dream concert because I really want to go to Greece and see Morgan Wallen sing. It would knock two of thing I want to do off my bucket list and would be a great lifetime experience.

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