Who AM I? Motivations

My top two motivations are Relationships and Working conditions.  for relationships it says that whether classmates or other people you want to form a friendship and connections with the people around you. You value friendly, honest, and cooperative environments, where teamwork and support are the norm.  My second factor is working conditions, it says you… Continue reading Who AM I? Motivations


My interest type is a Shepherd.  A shepherd are patient and generous with their time.  They are drawn toward helping others.  They also imaginative and create teachers.  Shepherd’s need the variety that working with different kinds of people can provide.  They view everyone as an individual, when working with large groups or teams.  I do… Continue reading Interests

Your Personality Type

My personality type is ISFT which means I am shy quit, and like to stay away from the spotlight.  I do agree with the servey, because people around me say that I’m quit and shy. I prefer to work alone, and I tend to feel more at ease when alone or in a small group. … Continue reading Your Personality Type

My Learning Style Survey

For my who am I, I am a visual learner, so when I learn by looking and seeing.  I take a numerous detailed notes.  Often close my eyes to visualized, or remember something, and benefit from illustrations and presentations that use colour.  The survey showed me four study tips, so that it will probably work.… Continue reading My Learning Style Survey

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