My Learning Style

According to the survey, I am more of a visual learner (41%) and I very much agree. When I am learning, I like to see what is going on to help explain the steps I have to take to get where I need to be. The survey also states that I am 34% of an auditory learner, which I do not completely agree with. I have trouble understanding the steps explained to me only in words, but I don’t mind some explaining for a little structure. The survey has presumed that I and less of a kinesthetic learner, and I contradict that statement for a very good reason. When I am learning, I prefer to be shown how to do things and then try it out for myself.


Learning is a crucial part of life and everyone should be trying to learn as much as possible so that it may help them along the road to success. Your learning style can make it difficult to learn specific things, but if you adapt then you can achieve more than before. In life you have many choices and whether you choose to learn what you want and be done or you could learn what you need and much more, almost all have a choice to learn. Almost all have a choice to do better, to be better. If you learn as much as possible it will benefit you greatly in the future.

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