The survey states that I am more of an Introverted person. I do enjoy having some alone time working by myself, and I do a lot of deep thinking and reflecting. I reserve my thoughts rather than blurting out, and I dislike the spotlight more than others. I am also intinuting because I make connections with what I am learning and what I already know. I am inventive, I see Patterns inside the big picture and I’m an abstract thinker. I am supposedly a thinker that makes decisions based on objective criteria. I’m not influenced by my personal bias, I am perceived as impartial, uncaring, and I am fair and focused on the final project. According to the survey I am a judging person. It says I am thoughtful, Judicious, organized and I enjoy planning. I prefer concrete goals and deadlines, I seek closure to tasks and I use logic to get a conclusion.

We are all individually unique, but we all have different personalities and traits. It does not matter if you like being organized or messy It is your preference and your personality/trait. You are not required to act, look like, or even do things like other people, you are unique. We are all human, do not change who you really are, be true to yourself. You can change the world, you were meant to be different, your personality is perfect the way it is.

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