The beatitudes help us understand more about what God’s plan for us is and you should try to remember them because they have a lot of meaning and emotion. When I think of them I think of them as to give hope to those who are suffering and how we will be saved by God’s hand even after all sins. They guide us in life and they show that there may be wrong in this world but somewhere there is a light and we have to stay near it rather than straying. I picked a few of the quotes that I liked because they symbolize courage, strength, as well as wisdom and the dedication to God that we all owe him. We must have gratitude towards God and all his followers because without them we would be hopeless and in the dark. Mercy is what God has given a great amount of to us and we are his children and we shall live in his kingdom in peace. If you pray, you will no longer have a poor spirit but a flourishing one. I picked this background because it makes me feel welcome and reminds me to have hope for what is to come.

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