Studying God’s Finished Picture

Spend 5 minutes trying to complete a 200+ piece jigsaw puzzle WITHOUT looking at the picture.

Now look at the picture and see how many pieces you can add in the next 5 minutes.

In what ways is putting the puzzle together like or unlike putting your life together?

In what ways is the puzzle like or unlike answering the question, “Who Am I?”

Choose one of the following passages to study:

  • read the passage
  • write about what you think the passage says
  • explain what you think the passage means in each of your lives today
  • describe what the passage says we are in God’s eyes


  • Genesis 1:26-31
  • Isaiah 43:1-7
  • Colossians 3:5-17
  • Luke 4:18-19
  • Ephesians 5:15-20
  • John 6:22-40
  • 1 Thessalonians 4:1-8
  • Ephesians 4:1-32
  • Galatians 5:13-26
  • Psalm 139
  • John 14:12
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“I Am”

Read Rudyard Kipling’s poem, “If,” detailing what a man is, based on his actions. You will write a poem about what YOU are. You have two options for the format of this poem.

1) You may model your poem after “If,” listing positive traits to embody and negative traits to shun. If you choose to do this, you must also have a simple rhyme scheme pattern, and the poem must be at least sixteen lines long.


2) You may use the following as a template and fill it in with meaningful and insightful details that reflect you as a person, not simply the outer person or shell you present to the world.

I am ___________________ (two special characteristics you have)
I wonder ___________________ (something you are actually curious about)
I hear ___________________ (an imaginary sound)
I see ___________________ (an imaginary sight)
I want ___________________ (an actual desire)
I am ___________________ (the first line of the poem repeated)

I pretend ___________________ (someting you pretend to do)
I feel ___________________ (a feeling about something imaginary)
I touch ___________________ (an imaginary touch)
I worry ___________________ (something that really bothers you)
I cry ___________________ (something that makes you sad)
I am ___________________ (the first line of the poem)

I understand ___________________ (something you know is true)
I say ___________________ (something you believe in)
I dream ___________________ (somethng you actually hope for)
I try ___________________ (something you make an effort about)
I hope ___________________ (something you actually hope for)
I am ___________________ (the first line of the poem repeated)

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Sin of Omission

Sometimes the failure to speak or act when others expect us to reveal what we know is referred to as a “sin of omission.” Describe a situation in which you were tempted to commit the “sin of omission” or in which you actually did refrain from revealing what you knew. Would you do so again? Explain.

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Relationship with a Hypocrite

You have noticed an acquaintance or a family member acting hypocritically, saying or pretending to believe one way but behaving the opposite. Identify your feelings, and decide what you want to do about your relationship with that person. In  a post, report that person’s actions and explain your feelings about this behaviour. Finally, give and explain your decision.

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Emergency Car Kit

Have a look at an emergency car kit. How does the value of each item on this list depend on the type of accident you are in or have arrived at?

What additional items would you add to the list?

Where in the vehicle should these items be located?

Do you have ICE contacts in your phone? Or an ICE app on your home screen? Maybe you’d want an emergency phone charger.

Write a post about about what should be in your emergency car kit.

(Add links/images, too. Perhaps you could add an Amazon Emergency Car Kit Widget to your blog.)

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Let’s think about a very versatile word: instrument.

Ready to roll? All you need to do is…

  • Write a new post on your iBlog in response to the prompt.

Need more ideas? Not sure what to write around Instrument? We’re here to help:

  • Do you play a musical instrument? Or multiple instruments? Tell us what inspired you to get started and what keeps you playing.
  • If you don’t play an instrument, is there one that you would like to learn to play if all barriers to it were removed? (When we say barriers, maybe it’s having enough money to buy or rent an instrument, a place to practice in private without disturbing others, or even enough time in the day to focus on learning.)
  • Take a photo of a beloved musical instrument and post it. Tell us what’s special about it.
  • Which songs would you love to learn to play? Why?
  • If you don’t plan an instrument, have you ever day-dreamed of being in a band? What type of music would your band play? Which instrument do you play? Bass? Drums? Piano? Something else entirely?
  • If music isn’t your jam, which tools are instrumental to your hobby? Perhaps it’s the fountain pen you use to draw or the soil in which you’re growing seedlings or a fine piece of wood that will soon become a detailed carving.
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Human Qualities and Ideals in Film

Davidge: “If one receives evil from another, let one not do evil in return. Rather, let him extend love to the enemy, that love might unite them.” I’ve heard all this before… in the human Taalmaan.
Jerry: Of course you have. Truth is truth.

From the film, Enemy Mine (1985)

Enemy Mine(1985)

Enemy Mine(1985)

Imagine a character from the film has arrived somehow in your world (in character, not the actor). Imagine the situation in which you sit down and have a 3-5 minute conversation with him/her. Write the dialogue of your conversation with the character.

Consider some of the following questions:

  1. What does this film make you think or wonder about?
  2. From this film, what did you learn about life, about different places, about history, about science, about religion, and so on?
  3. What is the film really about?
  4. Do you think the title is appropriate?
  5. What are some of the most important ideas?
  6. Were there parts of the film you didn’t understand?
  7. What does the film make you want to learn more about?
  8. What lessons does the film teach about life?
  9. Where else could the story take place?
  10. Could the setting be a real place that exists now?
  11. In any other time or place, how would the story change?
  12. Who is the most important character?
  13. Who is the most interesting character?
  14. Which character taught you the most?
  15. What seems to drive this person to action?
  16. What action tells us most about this person?
  17. What action affects your feelings about this person?
  18. What are some basic character traits of this person?
  19. What is the greatest weakness of this person?
  20. How does this person relate to other people?
  21. What is special or important about this person’s moral or religious life?
  22. How does this person change or mature?
  23. What personal insights enlighten this person?
  24. What in our world would shock the central character most?
  25. What would make anyone know this character didn’t fit in our world?
  26. What serious matters could you talk about with this person?
  27. What important values would you disagree on?
  28. What would your parents think about this character?
  29. What social causes would this person support?
  30. What television programs would be most appealing to this character?
  31. What would be the political affiliation, if any, of this person?
  32. What religious dogma would be most appealing or disgusting to this character?


“The story of a man, incomplete in himself, taught to be a human by his sworn enemy, an alien being who leaves with the human its most important possession: its future.” from iUniverse

The Human Condition


Pingo Lingo Discussion Questions on Enemy Mine

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Even the most self-sufficient among us occasionally find themselves part of a team.

Ready to roll? All you need to do is…

  • Write a new post on your iblog in response to the prompt.

Need more ideas? Not sure what to write around team? We’re here to help:

  • Sports fan? Easy: tell us about your favorite team and what keeps you rooting for them through thick and thin.
  • Photographers, show us close-knit groups of objects, buildings, animals, or people.
  • From high school rock bands to dragon-boat racing, what has been your most rewarding (or, conversely, most painful) experience of belonging to a team?
  • What’s the most impressive example of teamwork you’ve ever witnessed, whether you were part of it or remained an observer?
  • You’re founding a new team of superheroes and can choose up to three other people (dead or alive, fictional or real) to join you. Who do you choose, and what superpowers are they bringing to the group?
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Survival in Film

View at least two movies that focus on World War II. List three specific events that deal with survival in a war setting. What survival strategies do these movie characters use? Are there any lessons to be learned from these movies.

Alternatively, view the movie Jaws. How does this movie deal with survival. What other movies have you enjoyed that also deal with the theme of survival?

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Examine Popular Culture

Choose a person, event, or thing that is part of popular culture. Write an essay outlining the reasons the event, person, or thing has become part of popular culture. As you develop your essay, use the following process:

  • Write a brief outline stating your position on the topic. Jot down notes for three or four arguments that support your thesis.
  • For each point in your outline, write one or two paragraphs providing supporting details and examples.
  • End you essay with a concluding statement that reflects your opening paragraph.
  • Assess your essay. Did you clearly state the thesis in the introductory paragraph? Do the supporting paragraphs contain evidence (facts and details) proving the thesis? Is your argument reasonable and persuasive? Is your conclusion clear? Revise your essay.
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