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Alternative Approach

Select a news or magazine article, editorial, blog, or letter to the editor in which a writer’s solution to a problem is morally or ethically unacceptable to you. Write an essay in which you argue against the writer’s position and offer a more reasonable and acceptable alternative approach or solution to the problem.

(Hint: try a parody in the style of Jonathan Swift)

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The Life Cycle of …

Analyze the life cycle of a particular person, animal, place, or thing, dividing the cycle into appropriate stages and steps within each stage. Write an informational process analysis of this life cycle, describing the specific details of what occurs at each stage and how they are related to the whole process.

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Analysis of a Product

Write a classification analysis of a common manufactured product that is useful for some specific purpose. Divide you subject into several categories or subclasses according to an appropriate principal of division (such as features, design, effectiveness, operation, size, etc.). Be sure to label, define, and illustrate each category or subclass so that your analysis supports your thesis in an effective and interesting manner.

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Contemporary Caves

Write an essay in which you apply Plato’s allegory of the cave to a contemporary social situation or problem using either a subject-by-subject or part-by-part approach for your comparison. Consider in what ways this comparison clarifies the situation or problem, and suggest what conclusions may be drawn from your comparison.

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Williams, Creely, Ginsberg, Bowering

Read some poetry written by William Carlos Williams, Robert Creely, Allen Ginsberg, or George Bowering. Then write an illustrative essay in which you discuss what you believe makes the author’s poetry effective. Be sure to support your ideas with specific details and examples.

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Observe death carefully, sympathetically

Write a narration about your experience with a person or an animal whose actions you have observed carefully, using a first-person point of view to present not only your own observations of your subject but also the details of that subject’s experiences as you have sympathetically understood and interpreted them.

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But First, A Word from Our Sponsors…

Did you notice the advertisements?

Suppose you could travel back in time, what products would have been advertised during humanity’s greatest moments?

What if we found sponsors …

What modern companies would you advertise along-side these historic firsts?

Perhaps we already have a time machine. Consider Isidore of Seville? Anne Frank? The Istanbul Rocketship?

Consider a “Top 200” company today. Of what moments in history would it pay great sums to be a sponsor?

Why shouldn’t the owner of Flavr Savr one day be our “official” sponsor?

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