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Holiday in the Sun

Living in the temperate zone provides the pleasures of the four seasons, but it also makes one long for sunshine and warmth during the winter months. Describe a holiday in the sun whether real or imagined. Describe the contrast of seasons and how it affected you. After all, at one part of the day, you were in the freezing cold, and after a flight of a couple of hours you were swimming in 25-degree water. What a feeling! Describe, also, how you spent your holiday in the sun.

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More Holidays!

You may be of the opinion that there are not enough holidays in the school year which permit you to take off from school. So invent some! Make up three new holidays which are so important that school has to be closed a week for each holiday. How about a World Series Holiday, or a Grey Cup Holiday that gives you the week off? Justify your holiday with strong arguments.

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