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The Prospector’s Trail

Read “The Prospector’s Trail” by Cathy Jewison
Page 21 from Imprints 11

Write a brief description of Roy’s personality. Do the same for Norman and Jennifer. In each case, include specific lines from the story that illustrate the character traits you’ve described.

In your view, do the characters in “The Prospector’s Trail” seem like real people? Do you detect any stereotypes? Explain.

There are two red plaid shirts in the story. What is their symbolic significance.

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Film Study

Describe a movie you think is a fairly realistic depiction of your life, or the lives of people your age.

Alternatively, think of some movies that are aimed at your age group and explain how they are not realistic.

Do you have a preference? Do you think movies reflect who we are or who we want to be?

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Group of Seven

Write an essay on one of the Group of Seven.

Find out what influenced the artist, and the effect his/her work has had on others. Include an assessment of one piece of his/her art.

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The Quest for Identity

Many feature films contain protagonists who are faced with overwhelming questions relating to personal identity and one’s place in the world. Make a list of recent films that contain such a character. For each film, describe what questions of identity the character faced and explore how those questions were (or were not) resolved. Are there any general observations you can make about the way our culture regards the quest for identity?

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The Romantics

Research the characteristics and major themes of the Romantic poets. Focus especially on how they felt about the city.

Write an essay exploring the secret of the good life? What obstacles stand in the way of a good life? Focus on one of these examples:

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Create a Visual of Your Favorite Poems

Create a visual (canva or prezi) that captures the essence of some (3-5) of your favorite poems. Your work should contain appropriate visuals, brief quotations from the poem, and personal commentary that reflects your own perspective.

Use poems you’ve already studied, or discover more from

Breakups and Heartbreak: Poems for Teens

Family: Poems for Teens

Gender and Sexuality: Poems for Teens

Grief and Loss: Poems for Teens

Heritage and Identity: Poems for Teens

Love and Relationships: Poems for Teens

Mental Health: Poems for Teens

Politics and Social Justice: Poems for Teens

Self: Poems for Teens


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The Vietnam War in Film

The Vietnam War has been the subject of a number of excellent films, for example, Full Metal Jacket, Platoon, Apocalypse Now!, and Born on the Fourth of July. View one of these films or another film about this war. Examine the protagonist’s life and decisions. Write a brief essay to assess the difficulties he or she faces both physically and psychologically.

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Analyze News Articles about Africa

Examine six news articles – from various news sites – about Africa. What conclusions can you reach about how Africa is represented in the news? How accurate do you think this portrayal is?

News sites:

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Managing Urban Development

With the growth of urban development in many areas in the country, we, as a society, are frequently asked to balance the desire for expansion with the desire for preservation. Are there examples of this opposition within your community? If you were a member of town council, what would you want to see done in your area? Create a set of guidelines for managing growth in your own community.

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