Problem of Evil

Why do bad things happen to good people? Evil is a wrong choice, a sin. Bad things are results of sins. The physical suffering one recieves, is a result of sin. Just because you have sinned, doesn’t make you an evil person. You can make an evil choice, and it can be a mistake. To constantly choose evil, and turn to evil, is evil. Physcial suffering comes from spiritual suffering, because evil causes suffering from sin. You can’t call someone evil, from a mistake them have made, becuase humans grow from their bad choices. We grow from our mistakes. We can’t understand all of God, becuase we aren’t God. We would have to be him, to understnad him entirly. We do know he gave us free will. And there is an issue that we have free will to choose evil, but he hopes we don’t. He wants us to choose him, and choose love, but he doesn’t control what we choose. God won’t send all people to Hell from choosing evil. HE will is you know he exists and still choose to choose against him. No sane human wants Hell to exist. All sane humans want to go to heaven. Ultimatley we have the choice, by choosing good,God himself. The tempetaion of evil is left to choice, and the choice to learn from it is human. The problem of evil, is you have to have the love and will to learn and refrain from it.

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