Personality Survey

Everyone has different personalities. No one is the same, we are all our own person. According to the survey I’m an ‘INTJ’. My energy is introversion, which means that I like to work independently, I feel more comfortable with a small group of people or a few close friends. Although I may have good social skills I prefer to be alone. My information gathering is intuition, I’m intentive. Im an abstract thinker, I often connect what I already know to what im learning. For decision making I got thinking. When faced with decisions I tend to be fairer rather than thinking about how it’s going to affect others. Im focus on the final product, I make decisions based on objective criteria and not on how my personal feelings will be affected. The last one is Lifestyle and structure, for that I got judging. Im opinionated if I have anything to say I will say it. I’m thoughtful, judicious and logical.  

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