Who Am I? Learning Styles

After I took the survey, according to the website I’m an ‘LSHL’ Im 39% visual. This means I learn by seeing or looking, and I like taking detailed notes. Pause, and try to create a mental image in my mind, or pause, and draw a visual representation. I’m 36% auditory. Being an auditory means I learn by listening and hearing. I prefer to listen to audiobooks or podcasts, hum or talk to myself often when I’m studying, and enjoy acquiring knowledge by reading aloud. What is important is that I hear what is being instructed. For Kinesthetic I got 25%. Prefer to learn by touching and doing. Likely need to be active, take frequent breaks, and make gestures when I talk and explain something. My preference is for hands-on experiences, tasks that involve manipulating materials, and you appreciate physically expressed encouragement when I communicate.

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