The awful burden of the unsolved riddles of existence

Should you always listen to the opinions of others? Humans are entitled to their own opinion. Every human on earth has there own personal and unique opinion. What they do shouldn’t let us forget the bigger picture. Focus on what’s important rather than the opinions of people who probably won’t be in your life in 5-10 years.  

The only opinion that should matter is yours. So should we really care about the opinion of others? I would say no because you shouldn’t let it bother you if you do and are used to it then it will slowly eat you from the inside out. It will turn whatever self love into dust until you need validation for everything you do because you think you look bad but in reality, you look fine. What’s the point really unless its something important or you just want a second opinion on an essay or a decision. The only opinion that should matter is yours. The opinion of others shouldn’t concern you. Why should we let the opinions of others affect us? Like when someone who you consider is ‘cool’ says that they think that Batman will beat Superman in a fight when you think that obviously Superman will win. You don’t want to say anything because you’re afraid they won’t hang out or like you anymore. We should stop being afraid to speak our own opinions in what we believe in, stop thinking that we don’t have a voice. 

Do we control technology or does technology control us? Technology has taken over the 21st generation of teens, children and even some adults. Social media has imprinted into everyone’s mind that we should look a certain way, in order to be ‘hot’ or ‘beautiful’. Today everyone is more concerned about keeping up with what’s trending rather than focusing on school, job and in some cases family. It’s actually quite sad, that we depend on technology. Everything involves technology one way or another. We should stop letting technology control our lives, especially the lives of children. We should be able to grow up fixing the chains on our bikes when they get distorted. We think we are mechanics because we fixed it all on our own. What would happen if technology was our number one enemy? What would happen if robots suddenly took over the earth would we get a glass of water and spill it on them? Or would it be more complicated than that? 

What came before the Big Bang? Isn’t it crazy to think that we are on a 4.5 billion-year-old spaceship where there once were dinosaurs the size of a school — six stories high and half a football field long? The smallest was the size of a chicken. The average dinosaur was as big as your car. A self-sufficient, organic, complex spaceship. We are orbiting a power source that is a million times bigger than earth. There are 200 billion more power sources possible with planets like ours, in our group. There are 40 more groups in our particular neighborhood. Our neighborhood is moving at 2 million miles per hour to an object that is 150 million light-years away. On earth, only about five percent of the ocean has been discovered. Where do asteroids come from? As a matter of fact, an asteroid the size of a football field almost hit the earth recently. Scientist found that out hours before it passed. We could have been gone just like the dinosaurs. Who knows what kind of things are out there. There could be a planet just like ours only it’s the exact opposite and since space is infinite there is a possibility. 

\There are some riddles and questions that exist, that will most likely not be solved as far as we know. There will always be unanswered questions, sure we could guess but there’s no real way of knowing if it’s right or wrong. The awful burden of the unsolved riddles of existence will always astound me, because each riddle has different answers and conclusions. Once you think of a new idea or question will pop back up. It is like a loophole, that will eventually drive you into insanity or until you decide to give up. Space has always fascinated me, and will continue to fascinate me because no one really knows what is out there.

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