My Learning Styles

 My learning skills are divided in the categories, visual learning, Auditory learning, and kinesthetic learning. In the percentages, my visual learning is the highest at 36%, my Kinesthetic learning is the lowest at 31%, and my auditory learning is at 33%. This means that I have average learning techniques, and that I can benefit from learning any way.

Visual Learning:My visual learning is at the highest percentage of 36%, because I benefit the most by looking, and watching what I have to do to understand the subject better. I also like to take numerous notes to look at after the lesson, to know more about what we’re doing, or what we have been doing previously


Auditory Learning:My auditory learning percent is at 33%, because Yet I do like to write notes, and look at what I’m doing, I also learn by listening to teachers (speaking to me, and doing examples on the board), and watching videos on how to do a certain thing. This also helps me, because Watching someone else do something in front of me, or hearing what we have to do, gives me a better idea of what we’re learning about, and how we are supposed to do it.


Kinesthetic Learning: Kinesthetic learning is my weakest at 31%. I am not a hands on learner, I prefer to take notes, and listen, other than to do projects (posters, and presentations), and activities. But sometimes I benefit from this, because when I do a hands-on project, it helps me learn more about what I’m doing, and how to do it next time I try it whether I’m at home, or school.


Peoples Learning Styles may be different whether their most beneficial learning is visual, auditory, or kinesthetic learning. Everyone is different no matter what. Through this, I have learned that I benefit the most through Visual learning, and the least through kinesthetic learning, and that I am more comfortable with taking notes, and writing down things, other than to do hands-on projects, such as presentations or posters.

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